Who needs to have home insurance in Texas?

In the Pearland, TX area, owning a home has been a good option for many people. Property owners here have a consistent place to live and benefit by building equity over the years. Those who are going to buy a home in this part of Texas will also find that having insurance is extremely important. There are various situations when someone undoubtedly needs to have this insurance. 

When Financing a Home with a Mortgage

A situation when you need to have home insurance will come when you have a mortgage. It is very common for property owners in the Pearland, TX area to take out a mortgage. If you do, there are various rules and requirements that you need to meet. For many property owners, this includes having a full home insurance policy at all times. This can include requiring you to establish and maintain escrow accounts. 

Association Members

It is also common to require home insurance if you live in part of a home association. Home associations provide various benefits to property owners, but there are also some requirements. One requirement that is commonly set is for you to carry home insurance. Most associations will require that you offer evidence of coverage at least once per year and could assess a penalty if you are not covered. 

Getting a proper home insurance plan is always a good idea for people in this part of Texas. When you want coverage, it is smart to start by calling our team at the Barry Insurance Group. Our team of professionals with the Barry Insurance Group will give you the help necessary to create a new plan that covers you and meets all your needs. 

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