Young & Single? You Can Still Benefit from Life Insurance

Many people consider life insurance an excellent investment for married couples with young children as it provides financial security in the event of the loss of a spouse. However, if you’re young and single, you shouldn’t rule out how a life insurance policy can benefit you. Whether you’re a recent college grad or a young professional in your field, life insurance from Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX has a lot to offer singles like you.

Why Singles Should Consider Life Insurance

Here are a few good reasons for young, single adults to consider purchasing life insurance.

  • Price – First and foremost, you won’t be young forever. Life insurance is much cheaper when purchased at a young age, and your policy can be locked in at a good price. If you get married and start a family in the future, you’ll have financial security for your spouse and children at an affordable cost. 
  • Pay Off Debts – Like many college grads, you may have financed your education through private student loans co-signed by a family member. If you unexpectedly pass on, your family will be responsible for repaying this debt. Life insurance can cover student loans and any other debts you’ve accrued to relieve your loved ones of this burden. 
  • Financial Support – If you’re supporting elderly parents or aiding younger siblings in your family, life insurance will ensure they continue receiving financial support during your sudden demise.
  • Business – You can allocate life insurance benefits to help sustain a company you started with one or more partners so it doesn’t collapse upon your unexpected demise.

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3 Beautiful Memorial Traditions from Around the World

Cultures from all over the world have a rich tradition of memorials for their departed loved ones. These traditions can vary significantly from country to country. In some cases, these practices are as ancient as human civilization itself. Please enjoy these memorial traditions on behalf of Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX. Remember, we offer life insurance coverage to protect your family and their future to increase your peace of mind. 

Memorial Traditions Around The World

The Fantasy Coffins of Ghana

Ghana is a gorgeous country on the west coast of Africa. Among the complex cultural traditions, one unique custom is fantasy coffins. These are coffins with carved images and designs meant to reflect the personalities and passions of the deceased. Examples include coffins shaped like sunglasses, soda bottles, and even a hot air balloon.

South Korea’s Burial Beads

South Koreans developed a unique way to commemorate their loved ones’ cremains: having them made into beads. Due to a law that requires families to dig up the dead after 60 years to make room for the newly deceased, many families have switched to cremation. Instead of opting for an urn, they have the ashes blown into glass beads that hang up somewhere special in the home.

The Mexican Day of the Dead

The concept of the Day of the Dead is ancient. It was likely brought to Mexico by the Aztecs. It is a day when Mexican people celebrate the spirit of the dead. Families decorate their streets and houses with flowers, candles, and photos of deceased loved ones. Each family has a special place where the decorations represent the dead members.

Take Care of Your Family Today

Various cultures throughout the world have different customs when it comes to how they honor the dead. No matter how you want your life to be remembered, it’s essential to ensure your loved ones are taken care of when you’re gone. Barry Insurance Group can help you find the right life insurance policy in the greater Pearland, TX area. Please reach out to us today.

Two Reasons to Get Whole Life Insurance

If you need life insurance, there are different types of it that you can choose. One popular form of life insurance is the whole life policy. This type comes with specific benefits that you can’t get with other types of life insurance. If you’re interested in whole life, call us at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX. 

It’s Good for a Lifetime

One of the reasons that so many people choose whole life is that it literally lasts for your whole life. As long as you continue paying your monthly premium, you can keep this coverage to the end of your life. Some life insurance types are only good for a specific number of years. But with whole life, paying your premiums guarantees that you keep the coverage and that the insurance company can’t cancel the policy no matter how old you are. 

The Cash Value

Perhaps the most common reason for people to choose this type of life insurance is that over time it builds a cash value. With this insurance, after you have been paying into it for a few years, you will have access to a portion of the death benefit if you need it. You can borrow against the amount of the cash value when you really need fast cash. This can help people out of a variety of financial problems over the course of their lifetimes. You can borrow the cash and pay it back later over time. If you were to borrow some of your cash value and then die without repaying it, your death benefit will still be paid to your beneficiaries, minus the amount that was borrowed. 

Get Your Whole Life Policy

When you are ready for a whole life policy, give us a call to talk with an agent about it. Call us at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

The right life insurance coverage is crucial to ensuring your family’s financial stability after you are gone. At Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX, we know you want to leave behind a legacy instead of monetary worries. We work with our clients to give them the right amount of life insurance coverage for their unique situation.

Simple Formula

The simplest way to determine how much life insurance you need is to multiply your annual income by a number from 6-10. If you choose six, for example, your life insurance would pay the equivalent of six years of your salary. This can give family members the time to become financially secure. 

Another way to determine how much life insurance you need is to multiply your yearly salary by how many years you have until retirement or until your income will no longer need to be replaced. If you only have children to consider, then you may want to use the number of years until they are of the age to care for themselves financially. 

Don’t Forget Debts

In addition to replacing several years of income, your policy should be enough to pay off your debts. These include mortgage and car loans, medical bills, and final expenses. Medical bills can be challenging to determine far in advance. If you have insurance, consider adding your plans deductible for medical expenses. It’s wise to add the amount of your debt to the number you have to replace your determined years of income.

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