Three pieces of misinformation you might come across regarding auto insurance

Understanding your auto insurance coverage is essential so that you can enjoy financial security as a motorist. Barry Insurance Group is a provider of auto insurance. We offer auto insurance to drivers in Pearland, TX.

The following are three pieces of misinformation you might come across regarding auto insurance. 

Your auto insurance policy will cover your vehicle regardless of who is driving.

Everyone who will regularly drive your vehicle should be listed on your auto insurance policy. If you let someone drive your car and they’re not explicitly listed on your policy, your vehicle might not be covered if that person gets in an accident. 

You’ll have to pay more insurance premiums if you insure a newer vehicle. 

Indeed, newer vehicles are sometimes more expensive to insure than older vehicles. However, this is not always the case.

More expensive vehicles are typically more costly to insure than less expensive vehicles. Newer vehicles are often more expensive than older vehicles.

However, newer vehicles also offer improved safety over older vehicles, and insurance providers charge less to insure safer vehicles. This factor makes it so that some newer vehicles might be less expensive to insure than older ones. 

You should choose minimum coverage when you buy auto insurance.

You want to get more than minimum coverage so that you have more financial protection behind the wheel. Minimum coverage won’t include collision and comprehensive coverage that pays for repairs for damage that your own vehicle experiences in an accident.  

Motorists in Pearland, TX can come to us for an auto insurance policy quote. Call us at Barry Insurance Group, and we’ll happily answer all your auto insurance questions. 

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