How Often Should I Review My Auto Insurance?

Although one study found that 40 percent of drivers do not shop for less expensive car insurance, it is a good practice to have a general insurance review annually or when you experience a life-changing event. Some life events do not affect auto insurance rates, but we will focus here on auto insurance. If you want to discuss changes to your insurance plans, contact our Barry Insurance Group team serving the Pearland, TX, area.

Events Affecting Your Auto Insurance

You should perform an annual insurance review. Insurance companies change rates for reasons unrelated to you, so shopping around makes sense. Also, you should review your auto insurance needs when any of the following changes occur.

  • Change in Residence: Your ZIP Code and the nature of your home parking affect your rates.
  • Job Changes and Working Remotely: Your daily commute affects your rates. Working remotely eliminates the commute.
  • Adding a Driver: Teenagers earning their license is a big event and need adequate insurance.
  • Acquire a vehicle: Buying, leasing, or disposing of a car will change your rates.
  • Vehicle growing older: As your vehicle ages, consider dropping your collision coverage.
  • Getting a ticket or having an at-fault accident: Getting a ticket or having an at-fault accident will increase your rates, so it’s an excellent time to shop around.
  • Improved credit score: Your credit score affects your rates. As your score increases, your insurance premiums decrease.
  • Bundling: If you do not currently bundle your insurance, consider doing so for better rates.

Working With the Barry Insurance Group

Our team at Barry Insurance Group serves the Pearland, TX, area. Let us answer your insurance questions and prepare a policy to meet your needs. Call us at (281) 464-3384 or stop in to see us today.

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