Add-ons for Well Control Insurance

Add-ons for Well Control Insurance

When you come to Barry Insurance Group for well control insurance for your Pearland, TX exploration or extraction business, you expect and deserve an insurance policy that provides precisely what your business needs. That is why we offer numerous add-ons to your well control policy.

You need to cover more than just the blowout itself. When you lose control of your well through a blowout, your business will likely experience many other problems related to the spill. The extreme combustibility of oil and gas can result in a fire or explosion. This can harm your employees and damage your rig. The blowout itself causes seepage and oil puddling, which harms the environment. You must pay for the environmental cleanup. You’ll need to restore your well to working order, and this might require redrilling.

Depending on the location of your well, you might need to increase your coverage for pollution cleanup. Off-shore operations require added insurance coverage. These off-shore operations also require added coverage for redrilling and restoration.

Increasing the workers’ compensation coverage tied to your well control policy also makes logical sense. Your employees could incur life-altering injuries during a blowout. You show your value as an employer by fully protecting them.

During a blowout, you won’t be able to operate your well. Adding business interruption coverage to your well control policy package protects your overall business from the loss of production.

It is also good to add to your commercial general liability component. This insurance in your overall commercial package works with your well control insurance to ensure that if you experience a blowout at one of your wells, a lawsuit from an injured employee, vendor, or innocent bystander won’t put you out of business.

Contact Barry Insurance Group, serving Pearland, TX, to obtain the well control policy you need to protect your oil and gas business.

What is Control of Well Insurance?

Control of well insurance is not a well-known type of insurance outside of niche areas of expertise. The Barry Insurance Group serving Pearland, TX would like to walk you through the control of well or well control insurance and what it covers.

A well, in this case,  may refer to an oil or gas well, which comes with its own set of risks that justify its own specialized policy type. In exchange for a monthly premium, control of well insurance assists well owners financially in recovering control of their well in the event of a blowout. A blowout is the flow of a resource aboveground that blowout preventers and other safety protocols, including maintenance, could not stop.

Control of Well Insurance has three facets

Regaining Control of Your Well

After a blowout, explosion, or collapse, the first step is regaining control of your operation and preventing further damage to your business and the environment.

Clean-Up Operations

An important order of business after regaining control of your well is clean-up operations. Clean-up operations are always crucial but even more so for oil and gas well situated at sea. Wells that mine for toxic resources like oil and gas need to be cleaned up quickly to prevent environmental damage and loss of life.

Getting the Well Working Again

The final facet of control of well insurance is getting the well working again. This means redrilling.

The oil and gas industry is a cornerstone of the Texas economy. To best protect your business and the environment, it is crucial to have enough coverage for the possibility of a disastrous event like losing control of an oil well, which has serious implications. Speak to Barry insurance Group serving Pearland, TX, today! Don’t leave the loss of well control to chance.

A Look At The Benefits Of Control Of Well Insurance

Based in Pearland, TX, Barry Insurance Group offers solutions to people’s insurance needs. We offer our clients multiple insurance policies to help them plan for whatever the future may bring. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a professional experience at all times.

Control Of Well Insurance

Texas is home to several different oil wells. Oil and gas companies depend on these oil wells to thrive. Control of well insurance is an asset because it protects business owners if there is a blowout. The policy covers the well during the restoring process.

Oil and gas company owners are aware that there are several risk factors associated with operating a well. Miners explore the deepest parts of underground land and the ocean while they search for resources to extract. Extracting the oil is a dangerous process. The well may be damaged as a result of an explosion. Control of well insurance protects companies against these risks. If a well has been damaged, it may take several months before everything is back to normal, and companies can start operating again.

Blowouts can cause extensive production shutdowns and possibly eliminate future production. In addition to blowout coverage, companies can amend their policies to assist any employees who are injured as a result of a major blowout. Liability coverage protects the company in the event of an equipment failure. Sometimes faulty equipment may cause the pipes to burst, which causes leakage. Liability coverage gives your company a layer of security while you extract oil from the well.

Barry Insurance Group Will Help You Protect Your Assets

We understand the unique challenges that you face as a business owner. We will sit down with you and help you find a custom policy to protect your company. Please stop by our office in Pearland, TX, today.

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