Are There Commercial Insurance Loopholes to Avoid? Here’s The Answer You Need

Are you getting commercial insurance but worried about loopholes affecting your coverage? It’s wise to stay informed, so talk to us at Barry Insurance Group today! We can help Pearland, TX, businesses like yours get the coverage that suits your needs.

Not Getting Income Loss Coverage 

We understand that some policy coverage might seem a little excessive. However, income loss protection is critical if you have to close your store for any reason. Without it, your employees might lose out on cash, and you might even lose out on payments yourself.

Ignoring Cyber Liability 

The thing about the internet is that it’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it’s opened up the world in beautiful ways but also increased your risk of hacking and loss. Cyber liability protection keeps you safe if hackers get into your records. 

Getting Poor Workers’ Compensation 

The thing about Workers’ Compensation is that most states require it if you have a specific number of employees. If you qualify for it but try to avoid it, you are going to get sued if someone gets hurt. Even worse, you could face criminal charges. 

Not Setting Up Umbrella Coverage 

No matter what your business is, a little extra liability coverage is important. It will kick in when you’ve reached your normal liability limits and help you in serious and potentially devastating lawsuits. It’s a significant step if you’re worried about getting sued or run a high-risk business.

We Can Help You

Let us help you at Barry Insurance Group! We’re always ready to help companies in Pearland, TX, get the protection they need. Talk to us, and we’ll give you the rundown on these common loopholes and mistakes and ensure you’re fully protected.

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