Terms you need to understand when purchasing health insurance

Health insurance is frequently in the news. It seems premiums are going up and coverage is going down. Changes in health insurance have made it much more complicated, and trying to find an affordable policy that offers the kind of coverage you need is challenging. At Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX, we pride ourselves on the high level of customer service we provide, and our dedicated staff will work with you to make sure you get the right health insurance for your needs and wallet. Understanding some key terms can help you make an educated choice. 


Every health insurance company negotiates with doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare professionals to provide services to their policyholders. This is their network. You want to make sure your preferred providers are in the network. 


The formulary is the list of drugs covered under your health insurance plan. It includes both generic and brand name drugs. It is in tiers with different costs for each level. It is vital to your health that any drugs you take are in the formulary and to understand how much your prescription will cost you to fill. 


A deductible is an amount you are required to pay before your insurance begins coverage. Most policies have a deductible, and some drugs do as well. High deductible plans are the most affordable, but they are not for everyone. 


A copay is an amount you are required to pay for a particular service. It is your share and applies to many, if not all, services from doctor office visits to a hospital stay. 

Choosing the right health insurance coverage is crucial for you and your family. At Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX, we have many years of experience and are here to help take some of the stress out of this critical choice. Give us a call or stop by our office for a no-obligation quote. 

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