Should You Invest in Flood Insurance?

If your Pearland, TX home isn’t located in a flood zone, you may be wondering if flood insurance is for you. After all, your home is protected with home insurance. Unfortunately, home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Besides, it’s estimated that as many as 25% of flood claims across the country are from people living outside a flood zone. This puts you at risk of flood disasters. Flood insurance is a preventative means of protecting your property. Here’s how a flood policy from Barry Insurance Group can protect you.

Home Protection

Our flood policies offer protection for your home and belongings through separate plans. Dwelling coverage compensates you for damage to your home’s foundation, roof, walls, carpeting, stairways, built-in structures, and built-in appliances. You can purchase coverage for up to $250,000 to repair or rebuild your home if it’s destroyed in a flood disaster.

Contents Protection

Contents coverage compensates you for the actual cash value of your belongings ranging from designer clothes to furniture, electronics, artwork, sports gear, and other personal effects up to a limit of $100,000. 

When people think of flooding, they often picture water rising to the 2nd level of their home, causing catastrophic damage. Even a few inches of floodwater can ruin a house or destroy your belongings. As floods can occur quickly and without prior warning, the smart thing to do is protect your property in advance by purchasing flood insurance.

Affordable Cost

Fortunately, flood coverage is doable for most homeowners in the Pearland, TX area, especially if you live outside a flood zone. By tailoring your flood coverage to your specific needs, you can get maximum flood protection at affordable premium costs.

To purchase a flood policy for your Pearland, TX home, contact an agent from Barry Insurance Group. 

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