Three things to do before purchasing flood insurance

Many homeowners need to invest in flood insurance to protect themselves financially against disasters that could severely damage their homes. At Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX., we offer flood insurance coverage to homeowners. 

The following are three things that homeowners should do before they select a flood insurance policy:

Gauge flood risk

It’s important to be aware of the flood risk of the area in which your home is located. If you are in an area that is designated as a flood zone, you should know which flood zone designation your area has been given.

Your flood zone designation will impact the costs of flood insurance in your area, so it’s important to know if your area has been declared a high, moderate, low, or undetermined risk flood zone. 

Understand flood insurance requirements

You might be required to carry flood insurance by your mortgage provider. If this is the case, you should find out how much flood insurance you are required to carry.

Remember that flood insurance is not usually included in home insurance policies and generally must be purchased separately. 

Research government programs that help you get flood insurance

You definitely need to look into FEMA-subsidized flood insurance if you are in a high-risk area. FEMA manages the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is available to homeowners living in any of the 23,000 communities that participate in the program in the US. 

While NFIP insurance may be less expensive than private insurance for some homeowners, this isn’t the case in every situation. That’s why homeowners need to do their research and get quotes on numerous policy options. 

Give Us A Call

If you have questions about flood insurance, get in touch with us at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX. We can assist you in protecting yourself financially with an appropriate flood insurance policy. 

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