Flood Insurance in Texas

Coverage for damage to your home as a result of a flood is usually not included in your standard homeowner's insurance policy. However, damage from rising waters or a hurricane tidal surge can cause extensive damage, especially if you live near the coast or along the bank of a river. To keep your home and property protected, you'll need a separate policy to go along with your regular homeowner's insurance.

What is flood insurance?

As the name implies, flood insurance protects homeowners against financial loss due to water damage caused by a flood or storm surge. Only about 20 percent of homeowners in flood-prone areas are currently protected against water damage due to floods. This makes flood insurance a little tricky since the number of potential claims makes underwriting flood insurance a risky venture. However, there are a few companies and government agencies that deal with flood insurance. Despite the potentially-high cost, most lenders require flood insurance for homes located in high-risk areas. Our experienced home insurance team can help you find the flood insurance that's right for your situation and your budget.

Our part of Texas can be especially vulnerable to flood and storm surge damage. Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico often send walls of water into Galveston Bay, Trinity Bay and the other waterways that crisscross the Houston area.

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