Common Flood Insurance Myths To Avoid While Researching Coverage

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Common Flood Insurance Myths To Avoid

As a Pearland, TX resident, flood insurance is important. Texas is prone to flooding due to severe weather. You never know when rising waters from a hurricane can cause serious damage. Flood insurance can help you protect your property if a disaster arises. All of your personal items are covered if they suffer flood damage. While you are researching different policies, avoid these common flood insurance myths.

I Can Rely On My Home Insurance Policy

This is incorrect. Your home insurance policy does cover your property if it suffers some water damage. However, flood insurance is the only way to protect your property if it suffers flood damage.

Coverage Isn’t Necessary Because Of My Location.

Even if you don’t stay in an area where there is an extremely high-risk of flooding, at some point, severe weather may move into the area. You want to avoid being left unprotected when you need it most. That’s why flood insurance is so important.

I Should Find Coverage Right When Storms Move Into The Area

This is a potentially serious mistake. Keep in mind that your flood insurance policy will likely contain a grace period. If you wait until it’s too late to find coverage, you may be left unprotected when severe weather moves into the area. You are responsible for any flood damage to your property that occurs before your policy starts. Research flood insurance coverage long before inclement weather moves into the area.

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