Does My Insurance Cover Damage to My Home from Extreme Heat?

Heat waves have affected Pearland, TX. In contrast to sudden weather damage, damages resulting from excessive heat accumulate gradually, affecting the exterior of your house noticeably. Filing claims for heat damage can be complex and often depends on the terms of your policy. Barry Insurance Group is here to help if you have concerns about heat damage.

The Hidden Dangers of Excessive Heat

Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance covers heat-related damage primarily depends on individual scenarios. For example, if a fire caused by excessive heat resulted in damages, it would be a claim-worthy event. Extreme heat can also cause your plumbing system to fail, leading to water damage.

More often than not, extreme heat leads to various types of hidden damage that unfolds with time. Such damages can include:

  • Deterioration of roofing materials leading to leaks
  • Cracked foundations
  • Bubbling paint and siding
  • Warped window and door frames
  • Overworked electrical systems due to high loads

Carefully Review Your Policy

A careful read of your homeowner’s policy will reveal whether it covers heat-related damages and under what circumstances. At times, there may be a need for additional documentation to prove the damages were indeed heat-induced. In the wake of climate change, some insurance companies now offer additional coverage options or add-ons that explicitly cover heat-related damages. These optional endorsements can be protective of gradual types of damage, including the ones mentioned above. In contrast to this, indirect damages resulting from power outages due to heat may also be claimed. Regular preventive maintenance can notably reduce heat-related damages.

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