How Often Should I Review My Auto Insurance?

Although one study found that 40 percent of drivers do not shop for less expensive car insurance, it is a good practice to have a general insurance review annually or when you experience a life-changing event. Some life events do not affect auto insurance rates, but we will focus here on auto insurance. If you want to discuss changes to your insurance plans, contact our Barry Insurance Group team serving the Pearland, TX, area.

Events Affecting Your Auto Insurance

You should perform an annual insurance review. Insurance companies change rates for reasons unrelated to you, so shopping around makes sense. Also, you should review your auto insurance needs when any of the following changes occur.

  • Change in Residence: Your ZIP Code and the nature of your home parking affect your rates.
  • Job Changes and Working Remotely: Your daily commute affects your rates. Working remotely eliminates the commute.
  • Adding a Driver: Teenagers earning their license is a big event and need adequate insurance.
  • Acquire a vehicle: Buying, leasing, or disposing of a car will change your rates.
  • Vehicle growing older: As your vehicle ages, consider dropping your collision coverage.
  • Getting a ticket or having an at-fault accident: Getting a ticket or having an at-fault accident will increase your rates, so it’s an excellent time to shop around.
  • Improved credit score: Your credit score affects your rates. As your score increases, your insurance premiums decrease.
  • Bundling: If you do not currently bundle your insurance, consider doing so for better rates.

Working With the Barry Insurance Group

Our team at Barry Insurance Group serves the Pearland, TX, area. Let us answer your insurance questions and prepare a policy to meet your needs. Call us at (281) 464-3384 or stop in to see us today.

Does Commercial Insurance Protect Against Hurricane Damage?

If you’re concerned about protecting your business from hurricane damage with quality commercial insurance, we encourage you to reach out to our expert team at Barry Insurance Group. We’ll provide you with superior support and guidance to make the process easy to understand. Let us help you get peace of mind. 

Commercial Insurance Protection

Businesses get covered for the losses suffered if a hurricane happens through their hurricane insurance, which protects them against financial losses following such disasters. A description of the policy may differ in the coverage details, but in the general category of commercial insurance, protection for property damage caused by hurricanes is included. For example, structural damage to buildings, equipment, and inventory is usually covered. Besides, many of those policies also cover business interruption expenses, which protect businesses from financial losses due to closure or temporary operations restriction hours after the hurricane. 

Understanding a commercial insurance policy in storm-affected areas is vital for businesses to be able to protect themselves against the effects of a hurricane. Communicating regularly with local health insurance agents or brokers can give a business a clear idea about what specific coverage is available, as well as some of the extra insurance options to ensure that a business won’t be financially affected if a hurricane hits the area. By financing complete commercial insurance encompassing hurricane risks, companies have an easier way to cushion themselves from any monetary impacts arising from disasters and to proceed with their recovery process upon hurricane strikes. 

Commercial Insurance Coverage Near Pearland, TX

Securing the right insurance policy can mean the difference between protecting your business interests and incurring losses. Let us help you discover how to choose the right policy to meet your needs. Please call or stop by Barry Insurance Group today to get started. We proudly serve and support the residents near Pearland, TX, and look forward to working with you. 

Does My Insurance Cover Damage to My Home from Extreme Heat?

Heat waves have affected Pearland, TX. In contrast to sudden weather damage, damages resulting from excessive heat accumulate gradually, affecting the exterior of your house noticeably. Filing claims for heat damage can be complex and often depends on the terms of your policy. Barry Insurance Group is here to help if you have concerns about heat damage.

The Hidden Dangers of Excessive Heat

Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance covers heat-related damage primarily depends on individual scenarios. For example, if a fire caused by excessive heat resulted in damages, it would be a claim-worthy event. Extreme heat can also cause your plumbing system to fail, leading to water damage.

More often than not, extreme heat leads to various types of hidden damage that unfolds with time. Such damages can include:

  • Deterioration of roofing materials leading to leaks
  • Cracked foundations
  • Bubbling paint and siding
  • Warped window and door frames
  • Overworked electrical systems due to high loads

Carefully Review Your Policy

A careful read of your homeowner’s policy will reveal whether it covers heat-related damages and under what circumstances. At times, there may be a need for additional documentation to prove the damages were indeed heat-induced. In the wake of climate change, some insurance companies now offer additional coverage options or add-ons that explicitly cover heat-related damages. These optional endorsements can be protective of gradual types of damage, including the ones mentioned above. In contrast to this, indirect damages resulting from power outages due to heat may also be claimed. Regular preventive maintenance can notably reduce heat-related damages.

Contact Barry Insurance Group for More Information

The experts at Barry Insurance Group, serving Pearland, TX, are here to help you make informed decisions on insurance policies. We can offer various options to ensure your home is protected. Contact us today to get started on your policy.

Drilling Down on Risk: Five Key Components of Control of Well Insurance in Pearland, TX

Oil industry professionals know the risks of oil blowouts and explosions all too well. The need for comprehensive control of good insurance is paramount for local business owners who understand the ever-present potential of a devastating blowout. 

Control of well insurance from trusted partners at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX can help you protect your drilling investments. 

Why You Need Control of Well Insurance in Pearland

Local oil proprietors who have experienced the fallout left behind after a blowout get comprehensive insurance to protect them from exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses that could potentially shut down their operations. Control of well insurance offers comprehensive drilling protections that can include some or all of the following. 

Well Control Expenses Coverage

Control of well insurance helps to offset the costs and financial aftermath of well blowouts. Sudden blowouts can cause property damage, bodily injury, and medical claims, which can lead to devastating expenses and indefinite shutdowns. Drilling business owners who invest in insurance can typically recover and resume their operations without a hitch. 

Offset Redrilling and Restoration Costs 

The costs of drilling and restoring oil wells to their proper state can put some local proprietors out of business. Protect your drilling investments with comprehensive insurance that can absorb some of these costs. 

Pollution Liability Coverage 

Remain compliant with local drilling rules and regulations and protect your investment from accidental leaks and spills with pollution liability coverage. Control of well insurance with pollution liability add-ons can be a lifesaver during tumultuous financial times. 

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your drilling investments. Talk to a licensed control of well insurance agent at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX, to get more details and a quote today! 

Can I Purchase Flood Insurance if I Rent?

Not everyone wants to become a homeowner, and many people prefer to rent for their own personal reasons. If you’re a renter, you’ve probably got a great renter’s insurance policy since it can provide coverage for you and your belongings in the same way homeowner’s insurance protects homeowners. However, you might be wondering if you should purchase flood insurance and if you’re allowed to as a renter. Here is an overview that answers this common question. 

Anyone Can Purchase Flood Insurance

There are no restrictions regarding who can purchase a flood insurance policy, so as a renter, if you feel you want extra coverage, you’re allowed to purchase a flood insurance policy. Flood insurance is typically affordable, and most people who purchase this type of insurance must eventually file a claim, making every cent they pay for the coverage worth it. 

Flooding is Unpredictable in Pearland, TX

Pearland, TX is surrounded by some major bodies of water, making it more susceptible to flooding. Since flooding is so unpredictable in this area, purchasing a flood insurance policy is a brilliant idea. If your rental property is damaged by flooding, the homeowner’s insurance will pay for repairs, but replacement of your damaged or destroyed property will not be covered. This is why flood insurance is an excellent idea for anyone, whether they own or rent. 

So, if you’re a Pearland, TX, renter and want to purchase flood insurance, contact us at Barry Insurance Group. We provide various types of insurance, and we’re ready to give you a quote and invite you to become part of the Barry Insurance Group family. Call us at your earliest convenience so we can provide you with a quote and get you started if that’s what you decide to do. 

Questions to ask before choosing your health insurance

Health insurance can be one of the most complex decisions you make every year. If you choose incorrectly, you will have to live with that decision for a year, which can make a major difference to your health care. Our team of independent agents at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX, gives all of our customers personalized service to help them make the right insurance choice for them. 

Is my doctor in the network?

Many people have a doctor that they prefer. If you have a doctor or specialist you want to continue to see, it is vital to find out if they are in the carrier’s network that you are looking at. Some doctors in a practice may be in a network, and others are not, so it is vital to get this information. 

What is the monthly premium?

Premium should not be the first thing in your decision, but it is a determining factor. Health insurance won’t help you if you can’t afford the premium. 

What is the yearly deductible?

Most policies these days have a yearly deductible that must be met before the coverage begins. With high deductible policies, there are other things you need to consider, like an FSA or an HSA. 

Are my prescriptions covered?

If you take prescription medication, it is vital that you know that your medication is covered and what the copay will be. You can find this information in the formulary for your proposed policy. Drugs are listed in tiers, and you need to look for the generic and brand names. In many cases, you will need to choose the generic. 

Call our office at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX when you have to make the all-important decision about your health insurance. 

Are There Commercial Insurance Loopholes to Avoid? Here’s The Answer You Need

Are you getting commercial insurance but worried about loopholes affecting your coverage? It’s wise to stay informed, so talk to us at Barry Insurance Group today! We can help Pearland, TX, businesses like yours get the coverage that suits your needs.

Not Getting Income Loss Coverage 

We understand that some policy coverage might seem a little excessive. However, income loss protection is critical if you have to close your store for any reason. Without it, your employees might lose out on cash, and you might even lose out on payments yourself.

Ignoring Cyber Liability 

The thing about the internet is that it’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it’s opened up the world in beautiful ways but also increased your risk of hacking and loss. Cyber liability protection keeps you safe if hackers get into your records. 

Getting Poor Workers’ Compensation 

The thing about Workers’ Compensation is that most states require it if you have a specific number of employees. If you qualify for it but try to avoid it, you are going to get sued if someone gets hurt. Even worse, you could face criminal charges. 

Not Setting Up Umbrella Coverage 

No matter what your business is, a little extra liability coverage is important. It will kick in when you’ve reached your normal liability limits and help you in serious and potentially devastating lawsuits. It’s a significant step if you’re worried about getting sued or run a high-risk business.

We Can Help You

Let us help you at Barry Insurance Group! We’re always ready to help companies in Pearland, TX, get the protection they need. Talk to us, and we’ll give you the rundown on these common loopholes and mistakes and ensure you’re fully protected.

Who needs to have home insurance in Texas?

In the Pearland, TX area, owning a home has been a good option for many people. Property owners here have a consistent place to live and benefit by building equity over the years. Those who are going to buy a home in this part of Texas will also find that having insurance is extremely important. There are various situations when someone undoubtedly needs to have this insurance. 

When Financing a Home with a Mortgage

A situation when you need to have home insurance will come when you have a mortgage. It is very common for property owners in the Pearland, TX area to take out a mortgage. If you do, there are various rules and requirements that you need to meet. For many property owners, this includes having a full home insurance policy at all times. This can include requiring you to establish and maintain escrow accounts. 

Association Members

It is also common to require home insurance if you live in part of a home association. Home associations provide various benefits to property owners, but there are also some requirements. One requirement that is commonly set is for you to carry home insurance. Most associations will require that you offer evidence of coverage at least once per year and could assess a penalty if you are not covered. 

Getting a proper home insurance plan is always a good idea for people in this part of Texas. When you want coverage, it is smart to start by calling our team at the Barry Insurance Group. Our team of professionals with the Barry Insurance Group will give you the help necessary to create a new plan that covers you and meets all your needs. 

How does control of well insurance support the oil and gas industry?

The oil and gas industry continues to be very important as it helps ensure people and businesses across the globe have access to the energy they need. Control of well insurance, which is commonly referred to as COW, is a very important form of insurance for those in the oil and gas industry. There are various ways that control of well insurance supports the oil and gas industry for businesses in the Pearland, TX area. 

Financial Protection

A reason to have control of well insurance in this industry is to receive financial protection. If there is ever an accident with an oil well, the damage can be extremely significant. This can include both damage to property as well as personal injuries, which also can come with liability claims. With proper control of well insurance plan, oil and gas companies will receive financial protection to offset such concerns.

Regulatory and Other Requirements

Due to the value that it provides to oil and gas companies, having a control of well insurance plan is often a requirement by regulators, investors, and other parties. Due to the potential significance of an oil accident, many entities will require businesses to carry COW coverage. If you do not have it, you can face penalization and reputational damage. 

If you are in the oil and gas industry in the Pearland, TX area, having full control of well insurance plan is beneficial. If you are looking for a new plan in this part of Texas, it would be wise to call our team with the Barry Insurance Group. When you work with our team at the Barry Insurance Group, you will get any support you need to build a new policy.

Why All Homeowners Need Flood Insurance

If you own a home, there are two insurance policies that you absolutely should have to protect your investment. One is home insurance, and the other is flood insurance. Flood insurance is an important part of protecting your home. It’s necessary no matter where you are. Without this insurance, you risk severe financial problems after a flood. If you don’t have this coverage yet, call us at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX to learn more.

Floods and Home Insurance

Many people never get flood insurance because they assume that their home insurance policy protects them against disasters. However, home insurance doesn’t cover floods. If a flood were to happen and your home and possessions were damaged, you’d have to pay for everything yourself if you didn’t have flood insurance. Certain areas are designated as flood zones. People inside those zones usually require flood insurance from their lender or the regional government. However, one out of every five flood claims comes from areas that aren’t in flood zones. You can still be vulnerable to floods if you’re not in a flood zone. 

Government Backed Protection

When you get flood insurance, there’s no worrying about whether the insurance company can pay for all the flood-damaged homes it covers. The National Flood Insurance Program backs flood insurance today. It has government backing, and it’s guaranteed. The program also sets the price of this insurance, so the price will be the same no matter where you get your flood policy. 

Get Flood Insurance in Texas

If you own a home and don’t have flood insurance, call us immediately at Barry Insurance Group in Pearland, TX to get more information about this insurance and get started with it. 

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